February is a busy month. We have the Solar Eclipse (in-depth article on its way) on the 5th conjuncting Uranus and a Mercury retrograde. With the energized and erratic Aquarian energy setting the tone for the entire month expect...the unexpected. 

Mercury: Mercury moves into Pisces at 3:09AM EST on February 5th and for the first couple of weeks remains direct in the ethereal and nebulous sign ruled by Neptune. This is the dreamy Mercury...full of inspiration, creativity but also vaguely disoriented. Mercury goes retrograde on February 21 at 7:46 AM at 17 degrees of pisces. Here go the jumbled plans, the typical miscommunications and delays. A perfect time to go over your paperwork, plans etc. For those who hold that nothing should ever be begun on a Mercury Retrograde consider the large amount of Fortune 500 companies that initiated their businesses during these very same periods. It isn't so much about beginning something...but whether that 'something' is a thing long in the plans. When mercury moves backwards we get a chance to go back over things..take little sojourns into the past and if you've been hanging eternally in the planning stages of a project...the mercury retro can kick it into high gear.
On a more local note...expect changes in THIS website..as it began during a Mercury retrograde and has made every significant change during subsequent retrogrades. Some planned..some not  (such as site crashes) but ultimately...regardless of the planning..the changes have always been for the best.

Venus: Venus moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius at 11:43 PM on February 17th. Love gets ecclectic...spontaneous and is more focused on friendships...than romance. With all of the energy in Aquarius and the aspecting planets from other signs expect a lot of action from the planet of love during the month. We get a chance to air out and liberate our own ideals about what we need...and don't need...in our lives in the way of romance, companionship and love. The most important aspect it makes is a conjunction to Neptune on February 22....wonderful for fantasies and dreams. But make sure you take the rose colored glasses off before making major life decisions. 

Mars:Mars move into Aries at 8:04pm EST on February 11th setting our action levels on full speed. While Mars transits the sign that it rules the motto is....."I want it...and I want it NOW" It is a wonderful time period for finding the energy to go about reaching after goals...but is also a bit driven and we can get out of hand if control are not applied. Expect some strong movement in all Mars ruled fields and arenas.

Jupiter: Jupiter changes signs as well moving into Taurus at 4:40PM on the 14th. We settle down and get serious about our ideals and philosophies during Jupiters transit through the sign of the bull. We want to feel physically comfortable and secure and bringing our literal physical environments up to par is usually an important focus.

Saturn: Saturn remains direct in taurus during the period . The stage is being set for the once every 20 year conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

Uranus and Neptune are still direct and still tenanted in Aquarius, where they will co-reside for some time to come. Other than passing transits from the smaller planets they are operating relatively independently and with more freedom.

Pluto remains in Sagittarius and after its beginning of the year conjunction with Chiron will go on reworking our ideals and our beliefs.

Chiron: Chiron passes over Pluto...does its stuff..and then allows us to clear up and move past the issues and themes it brought into our lives. Keep embracing your spirituality and your beliefs. They are powerful tools during this entire year.